Friends of Herman wijns

Friends of Herman Wijns

The "Friends of Herman Wijns" is a non-profit organisation, established in response to the remarkable life of Herman Wijns (1931-1941). This child's life was marked by his special attention for the Eucharist and the people around him. In their contacts with him various people noticed his exceptional and intense charisma. For a child he was surprisingly able to pronounce upon matters.

After his death at the age of ten, people came to pray at his grave. More and more often favours and support in difficult times were asked. Herman Wijns' parents received loads of letters. This flock of people who found support and help at his tomb, continued to grow.

Even today lots of people still seek contact. The non-profit organisation keeps Herman Wijns' spirit alive. It organises moments of prayer, maintains the tomb and found a place of commemoration in the house of remembrance. This house can be visited and displays Herman's little bed and other memorabilia.

You are more than welcome to get to know this special person together with us...

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