Friends of Herman Wijns npo: Board

Friends of Herman Wijns npo: Board

The general assembly of the npo "Friends of Herman Wijns" consists of all members. Each year, at least one regular meeting is held - preferably in the month of May, near Herman's date of decease - to approve the account of the past year and the estimate of the coming year.

Extraordinary meetings are held when the circumstances demand it and every time at least one fifth of the members makes a request to do so.

The npo "Friends of Herman Wijns" is governed by a board of directors which consists of at least 3 members, appointed by the general assembly. The directors are not paid to exercise their mandate. They can be dismissed at any time by the general assembly. The board of directors consists of the following members:

  1. Alice Dierckx, chairwoman
  2. Kris Clauw, secretary
  3. Brigitte De Nijs
  4. ZEH Koenraad Janssen
  5. EP Hugo Dedeckere
  6. Hilde Paeshuys

The Brothers of Charity were in close contact with Herman during his lifetime. After his death, they kept his legacy alive. They support the npo, take part in the board of directors, and they provide us with juridical, administrative and financial support. Among other things, they place the remembrance house at our disposal..