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God, good Father, we thank You for all the saints
You have given us as examples and intercessors.
Your son Jesus, during his earthly apostolic life, took,
a child and placed it in the middle of his diciples,
with the exhortation that they - and we - become like
We believe that our friend, Herman Wijns, during his
short life served You with total fidelity and therefore
was so soon, close to You, confirmed in your love.
We pray that this also may be recognised by the-
Church, so that his virtues, wich were an example
during his life, may also find followers now and that
more people in distress may experience his powerful
May your reign of love grow more and more, and may
we all feel more secure in your hand.
Mary, help in all distress, wach over us, Christians,
followers of your son Jesus. Amen.


In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the
Holy Spirit.
Herman, during your short life, you sympetized
with the sufferings of others and you suffered yourself
pain, distress and trials. You prayed to God with an
unshakable confidence, and you were heared.
Referring to your service at the altar, you said encou-
ragingly to your mother, 'If you want to ask the Lord
a favour, tell it to me, I'm closest to Him.'
We hope that the good God, has admitted you quite"
close to Him in heaven. We ask you to plead for us
there for the needs of the Kingdom of God and of
the Church, but also for what is close for our hearts,
and preoccupies us...
May we experience, your powerfull intercession with
God, who so fevently loves children.
May we imitate you in your unshakable confidence
and may we, with you, thank God for his kindness
and feel save in his hand.
Mary, aid of Christians, pray for us!


My dear Lord, I come in great distress imploring your
help. You know that I have a present to face great
difficulties. Heavy grief and sorrow have become my
share. It is very hard for me to bear all this; I am at
present overwhelmed with anguish.
Still I will not doubt your goodness and profess that
even now you are my Father and also Mother. To
whom could we turn, but to you, source of all good.
I come to recommend, urgently to You this affair which
weighs so heavily on my heart..., and in which I sur-
render myself in your love.
Create in my heart a great confidence in your good-
ness. Enlighten me to know what I can do myself,
and help me to fulfil it.
And where I am powerless, help me and strenghten
me in patience and confidence.
Therefore I implore the intercession of Mary, Mother
of Jesus, who was also tried, and that of your friend
Herman Wijns, who was so dear to you and whom
You have enabled to solve so many problems.

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